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Sive - The Roaring Girl Album Review

“The Roaring Girl” is the sophomore album from Kildare born folk/jazz multi instrumentalist singer songwriter Sive. Sive began her music career in Ballyfermot College which led her to Germany and The Netherlands. She has toured extensively around Ireland, UK, Europe and New Zealand and supported the likes of Kila and Gemma Hayes.

Sive released her debut album “We Are Moving” in 2012. Now it’s time to see where she has moved in those 5 years.

“Turn Down The Silence” is a brilliant song with so much going on that each time you listen, you will discover something that you didn’t notice the previous time. It’s an sbsolutely stunning track.

A Golden Brownesque piano intro begins “Swallow Me” which is another beautiful song from Sive.

Despite it’s lyrical nature, “Wingless Bird” is an upbeat cheery song with a Caribbean undertone. It’s infectious, it’s uplifting and it’s damn good. Sive has a voice that would make angels weep with it’s beauty.

Sive’s vocal abilities are on show again on “The Water”. She seems to be able to switch between styles at the drop of a hat. The latter half of the song being particularly impressive with the really nice drumming for good measure.

“Shoot The Stars” offers an incredible piece of piano music that could go on forever and still not be long enough. Tori Amos would be proud of this one.

“Humans” features some demonic/religious chanting in the background which is both terrifying and encapsulating. It’s this sort of imagination that makes Sive stand out. Well that and her ridiculous talent and amazing voice.

“When You Come Down For Me” is all about the string arrangement. The sound created from the viola, cello and double violins is magical. Couple this with Sive’s voice and you’re onto a winner.

When there are so many talented female musicians in Ireland right now, something special is needed to stand out from the crowd. The Roaring Girl is that something special. It is truly a stunning album which will catapult Sive even further in her already illustrious young career.

Standout Tracks: Turn Down The Silence, Shoot The Stars & When You Come Down For Me

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