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Cohly B - State Of Grace EP Review

“State Of Grace” is the debut EP from Armagh rapper Cohly B. The EP will be released on June 30th in The Batcave in Lurgan.

“Intro” has a brilliant beat with some top notch lyrical content. The delivery is pretty impressive also. A nice start to the EP and a good way to set up what he is all about.

“Look At Me” again has a really cool beat which will work great in a live performance. There are a few times during this track where it appears that Cohly B fluffs his lines which should probably have been rectified and recorded again but there are some great bars in there also.

“My Life” is without doubt the best song on the EP. It’s more biographical and intimate than the other songs that are heavy in typical rap bravado. The flow is flawless too. More of this please.

Again there is a killer beat on “One And Only”. And again the lyrics are exciting and striking but again there are a couple of delivery slips.

The final track “State Of Grace” is an ode to Craigavon. Cohly B portrays a very vivid image of life in the North and it’s quite an impassioned track.

If you can look past the amount of times Cohly B says his own name or the occasional lyrical flow mishap then you will be rewarded with what is a very solid first EP. The production is top quality and the beats are perfect. When Cohly B delivers though, he really delivers. There are are a lot of positives to take from “State Of Grace”. All in all a great effort and expect to hear some more about him in the future.

Standout Track: My Life

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