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Emma O'Reilly - Fractures EP Review

“Fractures” is the second EP from Galway native, Emma O’Reilly. Emma has toured extensively around Ireland, UK, Canada, USA and even headed to Lithuania. She has turned heads everywhere she goes with her unique musical style which stems from a classical upbringing and a love of choral music. This recognition has lead to a 2017 nomination as Best Female from Pure M.

“Shake” is a powerhouse of a song. It plays like a song from a Broadway musical and it could easily be given it’s dramatic flow, phenomenal arrangement and sheer energy. A truly cracking way to kick off the EP.

“Count” is a more chilled out love pop song. It features a rather lovely “do do doooo” chorus that sticks in your head long after listening.

The third track “Cervantes” begins with a somewhat darker tone and a haunting piano piece. There is also a touch of Radiohead in there with its depth and chilling vocal delivery. This is the type of song that would leave you with goosebumps if heard live.

“Codladh Sámh” is sung in Irish. Whether you understand the words or not, there is much to enjoy about this song. It is another epic track from Emma O’Reilly with a brilliant piano/percussion outro.

The EP closes with “Geneva”. It begins with Emma’s voice accompanied solely by church bells and it sounds beautiful. Add some piano to the mix and the result is another stunning track which is a complete contrast to the opening track “Shake”.

With 5 very different tracks on the EP, it’s evident of the abundant ability that Emma possesses. Emma can switch from dramatic to pop to folk to rock without ever compromising the quality of the finished track. “Fractures” is an incredible EP and is bound to catapult Emma to even bigger things.

Standout Tracks: Shake & Cervantes

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