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Una Healy - The Waiting Game Album Review

Una Healy, formerly of pop group The Saturdays has released her debut solo album “The Waiting Game” through Decca Records.

It’s obvious from the opening track that this is a complete departure from the girl group’s sound. “Battlelines” proves that unlike some pop group members, Una Healy can actually sing and isn’t just there to look good *cough Posh Spice cough*. The song is upbeat and has a nice acoustic guitar backing.

“The Waiting Game” again shows Una’s got talent and has a strong country music tinge to it, something which is rather popular in Tipperary and the midlands.

Sam Palladio features on the single “Stay With Me”. I genuinely had no idea who Sam Palladio was until I googled him and discovered he played Stoke in Episodes which I had just binge watched on Netflix.

“S.O.S.” is an infectious poppy love song and is probably the best song on the album. It’s fast paced has a tasty bass line.

“Staring At The Moon” is another track with a serious country music background with a chorus that will have the most stoic person ooh la la la-ing and clapping along, maybe even a bit of line dancing to boot.

“Craving You” is another song of heartbreak and longing. Una delivers in a way which shows maturity and musical growth. “Out The Door” is in the same vein and is equally as enjoyable with its simplistic guitar and drum backing track.

If you were expecting The Waiting Game to be a straight up pop album then you will be mistaken. Yes it has a pop undertone but it’s very much a singer-songwriter acoustic guitar heavy album and that makes it more enjoyable for the non pop fans.

A strong first effort from Una Healy and it will be interesting to see how she grows even further on album number 2.

Standout Tracks: S.O.S., Staring At The Moon & Craving You.


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