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Funzo Beggars vs Choosers Interview

Funzo releases his brand new album Beggars vs Choosers on December 2nd. I spoke to Liam McDermott about this amongst other things.

This is your 4th album in 4 years, how do you stay so prolific?

I'm quite obsessive as a person, so staying active in music makes sense to me. I get bored and frustrated if I'm not working at something!

How long after you have finished an album does the focus turn to the next?

I'll always have songs at my disposal that didn't fit on one album so I take time to promote the current album, then start focusing on the next one a few months later.

What’s the story behind the title?

The theme of the album is trying to remember how good I have things, especially when I'm wallowing in darker thoughts. Some people don't get the luxury to CHOOSE to sulk and moan while also having the freedoms we have here in Ireland, for example. The message is to me first and foremost, but of course it would be a nice bonus if others can also relate.

How does the album differ from your previous releases?

I think thematically it is the most coherent piece of work I have put out, while all four do definitely carry their own individual agendas. Musically, it is very peppy and upbeat; two thirds of the album is produced by Jamie McPeake who has been my main collaborator in the last four years. Basically, it's a whopper pop album that might also make you think, haha!

What other artists have you collaborated with on the album?

Apart from musicians, artists, engineers and producers, there are brilliant guest features from Nucentz, Leiko, Reuben James, Rapthor, Leanne, and Row-B.

The release party takes place on December 2nd in The Wiley Fox, as well as your own performance, Rapthor and Nugget will be battling. Are there any other performances on the night?

I'm talking to one of my favourite acts in Ireland about a support slot on the night - they are yet to confirm 100% so I can't say just yet!

*Since this interview, another battle rap has been added pitting Row B against Terminal.

You recently did some stand up comedy, will there be more?

This year, I tried a lot of new things, just to keep myself challenged and entertained. Stand-up comedy came about when one of my favourite Irish comedians, David Hynes, asked me to perform at one of his monthly nights that he puts on. I put it off for ages and put together a set that I thought was funny. Eventually I turned up and did it and really enjoyed the experience! I would definitely do it again if the opportunity arose.

Who is your favourite comedian?

So many, but at the moment I'm working through Louis CK's show 'Louie'. He balances outrageous moments with poignant scenes, my favourite mixture in a sitcom!

What’s next in the Funzo pipeline?

All I can think of is this feckin' album launch on December 2nd, to be honest, stress levels are hight at the moment! I have a few ideas for other releases next year though.

What was the last movie you watched and what is your 5 word review?

Supersonic - "Oasis. Were. Mad. For. It!"

What was the last gig you went to that wasn’t your own?

Battle rap events are my favourite gigs to be honest. Rappers Comp Ireland put them on every month or two, with UK heads coming over to verbally spar with our Irish rappers, and there are live musical performances on the night too. Great fun!

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