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This Side Up - Full Fat Album Review

This Side Up are just about to release their debut album “Full Fat”. The Sligo hip hop trio have been making waves since their inception with an EP, singles and many live gigs. “Full Fat” has been widely anticipated and rightly so.

The album kicks straight in with “Full Fat” which is a masterclass in old school hip hop. The old school beats are incredible and really set the listener up for a what’s going to be a aural pleasure overload. “Billy No Mates” continues on that pleasure. A head bopping tune that leaves your neck wobblier than D’Lo Brown (bonus points if you get that reference).

“All Or Nottin” is another instant hit. The pace of the lyrical flow is both fast and furious. This coupled with another stellar beat just goes to solidify how good the album is and it’s only 4 songs in.

“Signs” has a totally different feel thanks to the addition of London rappers Verb T and Moreone. They bring another dimension to the style of the 3 Sligo lads. There is also some pretty tasty scratching going on here.

Cork hip hop artists Spekulativ Fiktion feature on “Fin Del Mundo”. It’s great to see artists help each other out on the rap scene and it also showcases the depth of talent emerging form this country.

“Detox The Brain” features MC Muipéad who raps as Gaeilge which again throws another curveball at the listener.

Beats on “Snappin” come courtesy of Berlin based, Sligo native deep house artist Hamo.

The West of Ireland is not synonymous with hip hop music but that has changed and there is a plethora of talent coming from the region. This Side Up may just be the best of the bunch. It’s hard to deny how good this album is. They have created a style which showcases the old school whilst somehow managing to sound fresh and new and visionary. They are paving a way for themselves and this album is just the beginning.

Standout Tracks: Full Fat, All Or Nottin & Signs

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