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Dyldo - Earworms Album Review

Earworms is the debut solo album from Dylan Curran or Dyldo as he is going by now. The multi instrumentalist recorded the album in his house and played every instrument on the album.

The opening song “Jervis Street” has a lovely lyrical flow which is complimented beautifully by Dylan’s piano playing.

“Bryan” has a more electronic pop vibe to it which shows off Dyldo’s versatility quite nicely.

The epically wonderful “Tired Old” is undoubtedly the best track on the album. It’s atmospheric, haunting and can make a grown man weep. It clocks in at almost 8 minutes so there is plenty of time to enjoy everything this song has to offer. The violin is sublime.

The following three songs read like a roll call with “Madeline”, “Saoirse” and “Sara”. The latter of which is reminiscent of the great Ben Folds.

“Music For Dark Rooms’ is exactly what it says it is. Turn off the light or close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken on the magical journey that this song offers. Breathtaking.

Overall the album is a success. In parts poppy, in parts atmospheric, all tremendous. Keep an eye out for more from Dyldo. His talent knows no bounds.

Standout Tracks: Jervis Street, Tired Old & Music For Dark Rooms

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