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The Urges - Time Will Pass Album Review

Just a mere 9 years after their debut album “Psych Ward”, The Urges return with their second offering “Time Will Pass”. Indeed plenty of time has passed but what hasn’t changed is the unmistakable psychedelic garage sound that is expected from the Dublin band.

The album opener “Passing Us By” was released on vinyl last year for Record Store Day and is a great reintroduction to the band. It contains a brilliant build up to the then chilled out chorus. The horn section at the end is well worth a mention too.

The second track is the brand new single, “Echoes Softly”. Another fine song with a mariachi vibe to it. There are also parts of the song where lead singer Jim Walters sounds almost identical to David McCabe from The Zutons.

“In The End” is a compound of George Harrison, Ravi Shankar and Kula Shaker and that combination is a winner. It has a very Indian undertone which is a new dimension from The Urges and it goes down a treat.

“We Will Find Another Way” and “Now I See”are both really strong tracks that bolster the middle of the album.

“Strangers” opens up with a frankly delicious baseline and then continues into that classic Urges style with the very prominent backing vocals.

The album finishes up with the title track "Time Will Pass" which delivers on all levels and leaves the listener salivating at the prospect of the next album.

“Time Will Pass” features everything that fans of The Urges come to expect, that is killer drums from Ken Mooney, rasping vocals from Jim Walters, unmistakable bass from Ross McGee, Peter Smith’s backing vocals and lead guitar licks and organ playing from Thomas D’arcy that would rival Ray Manzarek himself.

A truly remarkable album, let’s hope it doesn’t take another 9 years for the next one.

Standout Tracks: Passing Us By, In The End & Strangers.

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