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Kevin Nolan - Frederik & The Golden Dawn Album Review

Dublin singer songwriter Kevin Nolan released his debut album “Frederick & The Golden Dawn” to critical acclaim. The album has garnered him attention from the likes of Radio Nova and BBC 6 amongst other radio stations and publications. Kevin quite clearly draws inspiration from Nick Cave and Tom Waits which is the perfect recipe for an album, one which Kevin cooks with glorious results.

The album opener “Blood Wedding” is a Tom Waits style thing of beauty. Whilst the comparison to Waits is inevitable, Nolan makes this sound incredibly original which could easily make him stand out as a visionary on the Irish music scene.

Whilst track 1 is dark and brooding, track 2 “Ctrl” is the complete opposite. A short song of cheerful music and chirping birds makes for a nice contrast.

“Splinter” is yet another very different sounding offering complete with a beautiful cinematic aura with a backing chorus that sounds like its coming from a medieval church choir.

“Last Days Of Harry Carey” and “Ballade To St. Dymphna” sound like Nick Cave b-side’s circa Henry’s Dream. Similar subject matter too which is no bad thing. Kevin has somehow taken on all the roles of the Bad Seeds too.

“The Guess” is an enchanting number with bellowing lyrics and xylophone tingles. In all the previous songs, Kevin brings you on a journey and paints a story, this one is no different.

The following 3 tracks “Drowning”, “Peggy Sue” and “Oil On Canvas” are all strong tracks but the final song is a standout. “Aubade” features Choice Music Prize Winner Julie Feeney for a rather lovely yet dark and raw duet. Both their voices compliment each other brilliantly.

Frederick & The Golden Dawn is a rather fantastic debut album. Kevin Nolan has captured a sound unlike anybody else in Ireland and masterfully used that to create an album that evokes emotion and imagery in equal measures. A real talent hopefully with more in the pipeline.

Standout Tracks: Blood Wedding, Last Days Of Harry Carey & Aubade.

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