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The Natural History Museum - Manmade EP Review

“Manmade” is the follow up EP to The Natural History Museum’s recently released debut album. The electronic duo is made up of singer, songwriter Carol Keogh, formerly of The Plague Monkeys and producer and composer, Dunk Murphy from Sunken Foal. Having released their debut album, “Attenborough” in January, this EP marks a very quick turnaround with just one month between records.

The five track EP begins with “Jeweller” which is a dedication to Carol’s late father. It’s a rather beautiful dedication as well.

“C4” is a cover of a Si Schroeder track. Having remixed and collaborated with Si Schroeder in the past, it was no surprise that Dunk Murphy would record one of his songs for this EP. The original is very raw vocally but on this EP, Carol’s vocals bring a new lease of life which creates a very different version from Si’s.

Instrumental track “Corvid” is an electronic/synth calming offering. This piece of music is composed so sublimely that it invokes thoughts of wonderment and joy.

“Button Moon” features some rather delicate finger picking which creates a perfect harmony with the electronic syncopated backbeat. Match this with Carol Keogh’s brooding delivery and you have all the ingredients for success.

“Little Match Girl” is definitely a nod to Kate Bush as Carol’s vocals sound uncannily like the revered Bush. It could quite easily pass as a Kate Bush song on one of her albums and nobody would think twice about who it is.

All 5 tracks on Manmade are tremendous. Each song offers something different but they all harmonise with each other creating a flawless release. With a great debut album followed by this fantastic EP, hopefully their prolificness continues and another release will be here soon as these guys are creating some top class music and the more they make, the more everybody gets to hear. Win-win by all accounts.

Standout Track: Corvid

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