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Paranormal City - Samsara EP Review

Electronic artist Mark Ryan, better known as Paranormal City releases his latest EP, “Samsara”. Having had success and lots of plays on his youtube and SoundCloud accounts, he returns with another popular offering. In the 4 months since the release, this 4 track EP has a total play count of over 44,000 on SoundCloud alone. Rather impressively, Mark’s music has garnered him over 200,000 views on his youtube channel.

The opening track, “Time” has an infectious beat and is musically very pleasing. However at times, the vocals drop in and out which does nothing for the song.

“On The Covers” is a faster poppier offering which showcases some of Mark’s doubtless talent.

“All Her” is definitely a club banger as the kids say. The music overshadows the vocals however, a theme that runs throughout the EP. Whether intentional or not is something only Mark will know. The song also weirdly ends with a rogue beat.

Samsara concludes with “Waitin” which probably has the strongest vocals on the EP.

There is no denying that Paranormal City is creative, talented and clearly very gifted. Think Owl City spliced with Passion Pit and you will be in the right ballpark. Musically, Paranormal City offers some fantastic beats and production but as mentioned before, the vocals ware left wanting at times which subtracts from the finished article. At times brilliant but also somewhat frustrating. A little bit of fine tuning would make this EP even better but hey, with so many online listens, video views and subscribers, maybe Mark needs to change nothing as he clearly has a loyal and impressive fanbase that love his work.

Also, the cover has a somewhat creepy Skype sex chat feel about it.

Standout Track: On The Covers

Listen for yourself:


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