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Pine The Pilcrow - Pine The Pilcrow EP Review

Dublin 3 piece, Pine The Pilcrow have arrived on the Irish music scene with their debut self titled EP. The 4 track EP is beautifully atmospheric and melodic whilst also being haunting and melancholy.

The opening track “Part Of You Died” begins brilliantly with some really nice piano playing from Kevin Murray. Then the violin kicks in and it almost sounds like a Nick Cave/Warren Ellis collaboration.

“It’s Only Love” features the vocals of band member, Hannah Ryan who quite clearly has the voice of an angel. A violin playing angel at that. The minimilistic start of the song works perfectly with the harmony between the piano and Hannah’s voice and then the haunting cello kicks in and the song is complete and absolutely flawless.

“Saviour” again features the sublime backing of Robert Campbell’s cello. The vocals on this track create a sombre ambience which again works perfectly.

“Where You Are” has a somewhat Mumford & Sons vibe about it. Whether it’s the slightly Marcus sounding vocals or the musical flow but it definitely sounds a little Mumfordy.

For a band that have been together for just a year, Pine The Pilcrow have their sound nailed down. The EP is stunning and is surely the beginning of a bright future for these 3 talented musicians.The EP will be officially launched on March 26th in Alan Hanna’s Bookshop in Rathmines, Dublin. This date will be followed by shows in On The Rox, Doyle’s, The Globe, The International and then finishing up in Cork at Connolly’s Of Leap.

Standout Track: It’s Only Love

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