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Forrests - Organs EP Review

Lorcán Murray finds himself happy to wander the woods with Forrests second offering.

As is inevitable in ambient music the E.P. opens with a discordant fuzziness reminiscent of waking up on a Sunday morning. Teeth comes fizzing out of your speakers like the unintelligible memories of the night before, weaving in and out of focus before the song dares to take a subtle turn towards positivity as it solidifies itself. The persistent if not consistent breathing in the song did make me feel like the Dubliners were trying to let me in on a secret, just out of my grasp, before fading away again.

The second track on the E.P. Engines would not be out of place accompanying a long exposure shot in a David Attenborough documentary, if he started working in the digital realm. Very little happens, yet I find myself with very little opposition to it.

Sleeper, ironically, is the most active of the tracks; opening with drums that previously I was unaware Organs had any inclination towards. Sleeper has a sense of purpose and drive that is absent from the rest of this E.P. If before this track the E.P. was sitting in the corner minding its own business, Sleeper is where it gets up and introduces itself confidently for an engaging conversation, before returning to its own endeavours of distant beeps and in a very literal sense, haunting breaths.

The last track, Organs, is as conclusive as one would expect given the tone of the E.P. A gentle voyage, morose in pace but ethereal in tone. It builds to an introverted crescendo, similar to the personal revelations that come once the fog of a Sunday morning clears.

Organs is private thing. To be mulled like a personal thought. It won’t bring you to your feet; more it will make you question why you sat down. I can’t escape the sense something important is happening in the distance, but I just can’t quite make out what it is. Sleeper comes the closest to unveiling the truth of the matter but ultimately is as enigmatic as the rest of the E.P. Organs varies itself enough to entertain different ideas, but all under the same theme. Littered with intrusions from a sound effects keyboard that invade its base tone without ever interrupting it the Dubliners have created a brief celebration of private confusion. The perfect E.P. for concise introspection.

Standout Track - Sleeper

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