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Funzo x Alan Newman - Artificial High Album Review

After the successful release of debut album, The Great Lonesome, Funzo returns with Artificial High and has enlisted the services of producer, Alan Newman.

Alan Newman’s stamp is evident straight away as the opening track, “Artificial High” has an unmistakable beat, the likes of which didn’t feature so prominently on the debut release.

“Like The Beat” is incredibly funky and commands you to dance. It’s like the love child of George Clinton and Michael Jackson. One shudders to think what that child would look like but it definitely sounds awesome.

If it’s a pop song that you want to sing along with that you’re after, then look no further than “Lime Wedge”. Funzo is “just trying to make a name for himself”, with tracks like this, his name will well and truly be made.

“Dreamer Girl” is a much more laid back offering which only goes to show the musical range that Liam McDermott possesses. He switches from genre to genre so seamlessly making the album even more of a joy to listen to.

“Once Upon” has a Coldplay vibe about it thanks to the beautiful piano playing from start to finish.

Zimbabwean hip hop artist, Leiko T’ola features on “Love Is”. Since arriving in Ireland, Leiko has established himself as one of the best and most exciting rappers in the country and really elevates this song.

“Future Holds” again lends the stage to upcoming Irish rappers Kid Antics and Bony. (While writing that sentence, spell check left out one of those p’s. That could have been unfortunate and led to a lawsuit)

“Odin’s Ode” is probably one of the most inventive songs you will find, not just on this album but on any album. Alan Newman uses the sound of his late son’s heartbeat as the beat to the song which adds a heavy amount of poignancy which is accentuated by Funzo’s vocals.

The album ends with “Hardman” which is telling people that it’s ok to eat people know that you aren’t feeling ok and that it doesn’t make you any less of a man. A great message and a brilliant way to finish the album. The song also features Rapthor. Having Rapthor perform on the last song is the perfect setup for Alan Newman’s next release which is the debut album from the aforementioned rapper.

Standout Tracks: Like The Beat, Love Is & Odin’s Ode.

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