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Matt Hayward - Come Hell Or High Water EP Review

Come Hell Or High Water is the debut solo EP from Lace Weeper guitarist, Matt Hayward. The EP is set for release in December 2015 and boasts some impressive artwork from noted horror illustrator Alan M. Clark. The EP is comprised of 4 songs, one of which was written by Nick Pollock from the Seattle grunge band, My Sister’s Machine.

The EP opens with “One More Time” which sounds exactly like a grunge/metal song you would have expected to hear in the early 90’s from the likes of Soundgarden or Mother Love Bone. It also contains some awesome shredding.

“Silvertongue” is the only song on the EP that doesn’t immediately grab you, it might require a few listens to really begin to appreciate it but you will get there in the end.

“Sweet Mary Jane” features some eerie undertones both musically and lyrically. The beautiful backing vocals make it feel even more spectral. Listen out for the piano near the end too. It really creates a nice depth to the song.

“Who’s Counting?” is the standout track of the EP. Matt delivers gravelly vocals that would make Mark Lanegan sit up and take note. It’s not just the vocals that make this song so good, it’s also the combination of brilliant lyrics and fantastic atmospheric music.

Keep an eye out for this EP when it lands in December and make sure you pick yourself up a copy.

Standout Track: Who’s Counting?

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