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Seán McComish - The First Step EP Review

Young Wexford man, Seán McComish released his debut EP, “The First Step” in August. It has marked the beginning of what will surely be a bright career for him after endlessly gigging up and down the country taking in venues such as Doyle's and Whelans.

The 4 track EP begins with “On My Own”. It’s evident from the start that Seán has some great songwriting abilities and delivers this song with a very infectious style that could easily to be played on any radio station and hold it’s own.

“Red Pen Writing” with its incredibly fast opening pace moves onto the next line of lyrics when you’ve just about processed the last. It slows down after that and transforms into a more mellow offering.

The third track, “Enough” is a standard pop/acoustic song. It has everything you would expect from the genre without having that little extra that it needs to really stand out above the rest.

The EP ends with “Something About You” which features a beautiful Spanish guitar intro. Seán’s vocals lend a raw delivery to this track which mixes perfectly with the quite frankly brilliant guitar playing. This is easily the best track on the EP. More of this please!

Seán McComish has delivered a very polished and endearing debut record. Yes, there are parts of the EP which sound like any number of artists making similar music but there are also parts that just stand up and kick those other artists asses. The final track is proof of that. If this is Seán’s First Step then you should look forward to hearing his Second.

Standout Track: Something About You

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