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Brain Donation - Brain Donation EP Review

Dublin 3 piece alt rock group, Brain Donation released their debut self titled and self produced EP in August.

The opening track “Scubadiver” is amazing. The song leads you down a path and then BAM!, it smacks you in the face for thinking that you knew where that path goes. The drum beat mixed with the perfect harmonies is what makes this track brilliant. It could easily go on for another minute or two without the listener getting bored.

“Let Me Be Your Pill” will make you dance involuntarily, the same way an older person might evacuate their bowels into their pants. You have no intention of dancing but before you know it, your legs are moving and your head is bopping and life feels good.

“Show Yourself” definitely has a much grungier sound. It could easily be a song that was used on the motorbike bash ‘em up that was Road Rash. In fact, you could easily imagine smashing a bikers skull with a baton you just stole from the biker cop while listening to this song. This isn't recommended however as bikers are fierce creatures which is a fantastic segway into the next track on the EP.

The final song on the EP, “Creature” shows off the fantastic range that these guys have with its slower, sombre opening before bursting again into a cheery danceable tune.

Brain Donation are definitely worth keeping an eye on. They have been tearing up the Irish rock scene with their raucous live performances and this first effort hits the mark perfectly. A brilliant 4 track EP and hopefully there'll be an album really soon.

Standout Track: Scubadiver

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