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Triptik Empire - The Age Of Mistakes EP Review

Another success story from crowd funding, “The Age Of Mistakes” is the debut release from Triptik Empire. The band comprises of four Europeans hailing from Sicily, France and Morocco who have since set up camp in Dublin.

“Faster Than A Mistake” is the first track from "The Age Of Mistakes” and it opens with drums pounding, guitars blaring and excitement high. Its hard to define these guys. They are somewhere between Gogol Bordello, System Of A Down and Garbage. Even though comparisons exist, Triptik Empire have their own inimitable sound which is probably due to their diverse nationalities each bringing it’s own culture to the mixing pot.

“The Snake” offers much of the same high energy, heavy rock and somewhat psychedelic guitar solo’s.

“Requiem For A Swing” is the most upbeat and fun song on the six track EP. It is heavily doused in Swing and Punk sounds which gives it the odd balance of sophisticated dancing music and heavy head banging abilities. Easily the best song on the EP. There is only one word that can sum up “The Fall” and that word is epic. “So Far” is a fully instrumental offering which while is perfectly good, it kind of breaks the tempo of the EP.

The tempo is well and truly brought back up with the Italian language “Vizio Di Forma” which ends the EP on a high note.

A great first offering from these lads and the people that helped fund it definitely got their money worth. When you enjoy this EP, you can thank each and every one of those funders (in your head though, don’t go searching for them all cos that’s juts a bit creepy).

Standout Tracks: Requiem For A Swing, Faster Than A Mistake & The Fall.

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