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This Other Kingdom - Telescopic Album Review

Telescopic is the debut album from Dublin based neo psychedelic 4 piece, This Other Kingdom. The album was released earlier this year following much anticipation after the 2013 release of the Sunlight EP.

The album opens with “The Day, Your Day’ which somehow manages to blend The Longcut, Interpol, Joy Division and Jim Morrison all into one song which weirdly works and makes for an awesome opening track. The rest of the album follows suit with this eclectic mash up of several different generations of music all rolled up into 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

The atmospheric "He Controls The Sea" is a perfect head nodding track and you will find yourself chanting the words almost maniacally alongside the lead singer.

“Betwixt" finishes with around 2 minutes of psychedelic instrumentals with a very faint distorted undercurrent which really adds to the atmospheric nature of the whole album. It’s this level of musical layers that makes this album stand out and assures you that each time you listen, you will hear something new.

"Vacate The Horror" is steeped in Jim Morrison sounds. The lyrics "He walks out buried alive" could well be a hint that The Lizard King is alive and well and fronting This Other Kingdom.

"Red Balloon” is probably the most lyrically attractive song which midway through breaks down into a blistering drum and bass solo which then launches into the lyrics “ They can kill, they can kill, they can kill each other.”

If you can get past the fact that most songs sound like Interpol, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, then you will really love this album. It will be interesting to see where they go from here and that makes album number two a very exciting prospect.

Standout Tracks: "The Day, Your Day", "Red Balloon" & "Vacate The Horror"

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