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The Stonecold Hobos - The Stonecold Hobos Album Review


Rhythm and Blues outfit, The Stonecold Hobos recently released their debut self titled album featuring original songs mixed with some cover versions from classic blues artists. There are three original songs and seven cover versions of songs from Muddy Waters (Cross Eyed Cat & Champagne And Reefer), Led Zeppelin (Dazed And Confused), Robert Petway (Catfish), ZZ Top (Jesus Just Left Chicago), Willie Dixon (Talk To Me Baby) and Billy Boy Arnold (Wish You Wood).

“Catfish” is a cover of the 1941 hit by Robert Petway. The song features some stellar slide guitar and harmonica which opens up the album very nicely.

The Stonecold Hobos take on one of Led Zeppelin’s most famous tracks, ”Dazed And Confused”. They rework the song into more of a fast paced blues effort than the more slow rock blues of Robert Plant et al.

Two of the three original songs written by Martin Cummins lead the charge on this album. “Five Dollar Fine” and “Bad Leg Boogie” are both excellent and steeped in that classic American blues sound. The only way Martin could be any more blue is if he was Papa Smurf himself.

“Cross Eyed Cat”, “Jesus Just Left Chicago” and “Champagne And Reefer” all make for easy listening and a good old fashioned head nod and foot stomp.

The original tracks on the album more than hold their own against the cover versions. The cover versions however, obviously don’t reach the same level as the original recordings of those songs but they are more than enjoyable to listen to and hear the new spin given to old tracks. That being said, frontman, Martin Cummins will have no problem being told that Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon did it better.

The album comes across as a group of blues enthusiasts having a lot of fun playing great music together and it sounds brilliant. One of the finer Irish blues albums of recent years. If it wasn’t for Crow Black Chicken, it might even be the finest.

Standout Tracks: "Five Dollar Fine", “Bad Leg Boogie” and “Catfish"

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