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Áine Duffy - With Bells On Album Review


Áine Duffy is a singer, songwriter from West Cork. She has spent much of her time touring Europe, USA and Canada. Now she is back and with a new album in tow. “With Bells On” is a wake up call to other musicians who might change their style of singing or their voice in order to sound more commercial. Áine doesn’t do that and that is why this album succeeds. She sings in her own very unique style which gives her an edge. Its refreshing to find.

The album opens with “Paler In The Mirror” which is a precursor for what you are about to experience. It sets you up but doesn’t ready you for what will come next.

“Won’t Go For Now” is the best song on the album. It has an upbeat tempo and echoes of classic American soul songs. “Don’t Do Much” has a pretty cool guitar solo to accompany the fantastic vocals on offer.

“I Can’t Help You Now” is more of an aphotic affair with it’s lyrics full of hopelessness. To alleviate the darkness of the previous song, Aine then offers a more upbeat and slightly reggae track titled “On The Roof”.

“Excuses” is an all out assault on the ears. There is so much going on in this song that it demands attention and won’t stop until your earholes are burst wide open.

Everybody does this before they leave the house but not many write songs about it, “Wallet, Keys, Phone”. It’s a song that everybody can relate to in one way or another.

Overall, “With Bells On” is a very interesting and very different album which should be listened to by anybody looking for something new and fresh. Think Roberta Flack, Macy Gray and Damien Dempsey and you are halfway towards describing Áine Duffy’s vocal style.

Áine Duffy will be launching the album in Whelans in Dublin on June 17th. Street Ceol TV will be there, with bells on. (Sorry for that obvious joke).

Standout Tracks: “Won’t Go For Now”, “Excuses” and “On The Roof"

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