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Karen Egan - Charlatanne Album Review

Karen Egan - Charlatanne.jpg

Singer, actress and comedienne, Karen Egan, released her long-awaited second album ‘Charlatanne’ in March, following her first album ‘Very Very’ in September 2006. The album features eleven songs which get better with each play. Each song is different and varies from the next. The album includes songs from a variety of genres such as jazz, hip-hop, gospel and bluegrass, to name just a few. The album also features slow, heartfelt songs such as ‘Drowning’ and more upbeat songs such as ‘The L-Word’ which keeps this album interesting and enjoyable to listen to.

Egan also offers something unique and fresh to the album by including tracks in different languages, such as the French ‘J’aime L’amour’ which translates to ‘I like love.’ Many of the other tracks such as ‘Mä rakastan sua, mut sä et mua’ (I love you but you do not love me) also feature repeated lines in Finnish which gives the album a modern and cultured feel. There is also a strong Spanish feel in ‘For a Minute’ which adds the flavour of many musical traditions and cultures to the album.

Overall, the album is very creative and unique which allows for a satisfying listen. Backed by excellent instrumentals and backing vocals, it does not disappoint. With interesting, varying melodies and a variety of instruments from the woodwind, string, and particularly from the brass and percussion families, this album is unpredictable and intriguing. It really does get better and better with every listen, as, with every listen, more of Egan’s distinctive qualities and techniques are uncovered. The album is an entertaining experience which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Standout Tracks: "For a Minute', ‘Charlatanne’ and ‘The L-Word’


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