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Inni-K - The King Has Two Horse's Ears Album Review


On “The King Has Two Horse’s Ears” Inni-K applies traditional Irish music to more worldly and layered indie-folk, which may sound bland and twee on paper, but on record creates something that is striking in both its lyrical content and its bold identity.

“The King Has Two Horses Ears” is perhaps best served by Inni-K’s gorgeous voice, and the album’s production has the good sense to more often than not take a few steps back and allow her voice to take centre stage. Despite the lush sounds which accompany it, “Flower Relay” never loses track of the fact that this is Inni-K’s greatest strength.

“Find Your Beat” is the closest Inni-K comes to pure pop, it’s simplicity and catchiness being the point where Feist comparisons hold the most weight. However as a whole, artists like PJ Harvey and Bjork are perhaps more appropriate contemporaries for Inni-K, particularly the former’s album “Let England Shake”. Inni-K sounds fragile in voice but strong in her lyrics, combing with the dense but gentle instrumentation which accompanies her to create a dichotomy that could be described as “pleasant” but never threatens to become boring, “Gentle Star” acting as the best example of this.

The album’s highlight and greatest symbol for Inni-K’s huge potential as an artist is saved for the title track. Like Nick Cave telling a child-friendly fairy tale, the song takes the listener on a journey that combines sound and imagery to inspired effect. It’s the moment the album goes from a good to a great one and bodes incredibly well for Inni-K’s next work.

Although some of the tracks are almost in danger of sounding like something from an Irish tourism ad, Inni-K never takes the easy route and in doing so has created an album that is both challenging and comforting. Epic yet fragile.

Stand-Out Tracks: “Flower Relay”, “Gentle Star”, “The King Has Two Horses Ears”

By Ryan Foynes


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