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Riptide Movement - Getting Through Album Review

The Riptide Movement Getting Through Album Review

Almost two years since the release of their previous album, The Riptide Movement finally released

their third album, Getting Through in late 2014. The album consistently features up-tempo and

catchy tracks throughout. The up-beat rock melodies and simple, well-written lyrics allow for an

enjoyable listening experience.

As the majority of the songs on the album are cheerful and optimistic, this album can put anyone in

a good mood. Unfortunately, it does get slightly repetitive after a while. The songs ‘Across the

Water’ and ‘Skin and Bone’ feature a darker, gloomier theme - a welcome change to the rest of the

album which is necessary to shake things up a bit. All in all, this album does not disappoint.

It can’t be denied that The Riptide Movement are a talented band with great potential. The hit track

‘All Works Out’ is living proof of this. It is inarguably the most well-known song on the album, and for

good reason. Its catchy, foot-stomping melody and optimistic lyrics could make even a true pessimist see the brighter side of life because, no matter what, it all works out.

Through a combination of infectious melodies, beats, lyrics and use of instruments, The Riptide Movement have succeeded in making an album which is both delightful and satisfying. If you are buying this album, I would recommend the deluxe version. Not only does this include new tracks, but also acoustic and remastered versions of some of their best songs.

Standout Tracks: All Works Out, Across the Water and You and I.

Written By: Elaine Holmes


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