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Free Drumming Seminar - Sambo Drumz Interview


On Saturday April 11th, Samuel Oyeniyi, better known as Sambo Drumz, will be putting on free seminar to impart his knowledge and skills of drumming. The event will take place at Christ Glories Ministries in Glasnevin, Dublin. The event will be free and will feature masterclasses in drumming, piano and song writing as well as some live performances and special guests.

Today I spoke to Sambo and asked him a few questions about himself and his event. Here is what he had to say.

When did you start playing drums and who thought you?

All I remember was I started from 5 years old, so I was told by my parents. Also was told they recognize the gift from the way I move my hands Funny thing is I never attended lessons. all I know from day one when I started this journey is from watching people around me. So I guess everyone who has played around me is my teacher.

What type of music did you listen to growing up?

From day one I have always listened to gospel music due to the fact I am a Christian and I am also in the choir since I was young back in Nigeria. When I got here I did the same...

But growing up being a musician I have to listen to all kinds of music so I can learn and improve on my skills but I have my favorites.

What was the music scene like in Nigeria before you left?

The music scene in Nigeria was great so many opportunities and events you can attend. Even though I was young it was a bit hard but God is faithful.

When did you come to Ireland?

I moved here ending of 2006.

What were the most notable differences/similarities between the two countries musically?

The most notable difference is just passion. In Nigeria when I was there so many musicians were working really hard to be the best they can. I remember back then me and my friends sit down after church and play for hours and the whole idea was to practice and practice because we want to be the best we could be. But here in Ireland it's not the same. Personally I practice by myself or with my band.

So I believe the passion is missing in Ireland but I believe it will be back because it's my aim to try my best and talk to the next generation to work hard and have the passion in them

What can people expect from your seminar?

I believe the seminar will be an opener for most musicians that attend.

Aim for the seminal.

Knowing the source of your gift, either you play in church or in the world your talent is from God.



Real music

We have more in us than what we do right now. Most people believe they have no chance. But I want to let them know they have lots of ideas in them and each musician is unique and the world is waiting for them to share the gift in there way.

Who is the seminar aimed at?

The seminar is aimed for all stages from beginners to experienced players. I personally believe there is always a room to learn, no one is perfect.

Why are you putting on this seminar?

The reason why I am putting on the seminar is for all musicians to learn from each other


Understand that is more than drumming or playing instrument or singing. There is lots more to it… Understand why they do this. Most instrumentalist don’t know why.

Develop on their craft

Why are you doing it for free?

The reason why I am doing it for free is because I want to be a blessing so that there will be a change in Ireland concerning music. I want to see my fellow musician in Ireland doing it big …it may not be me. Once a drummer from Ireland big or small wins a Grammy award I am happy and satisfied.

Also I don’t want a situation where by some of the musicians would love to attend and learn but because of finance it is impossible.

I am a drummer myself and I know how it feel when my favorite musician comes to Ireland and I can’t attend due to the fact I have no money to buy a ticket.

And also this is a mini help I can give back to my community.

What are you hoping to achieve from this?


All I need from this is to see music in Ireland change for Good.

See my fellow musician up there … and make Ireland proud.

Make sure the next generation don’t make the same mistakes me and my fellow musicians are making.

Can you tell us something about the guests that you have?

Papa Oto Olaleye : known as papa is an incredible musician. Multitalented musician. Use to play for the great Fela Kuti

Damilola Bekes: multitalented musician known all over the world. Great saxophonist.

Mary Oguniyi: song writer and a great worshipper.

What are your goals/plans for 2015?

There are so many goals and plans for this year. Without God it is impossible but my prayer is that God will lead me.

Make music with the band.

Go on tour also with the band. Moving around Ireland for now and being a blessing to my community.

By: Dave McMahon


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