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Raglans - Raglans Album Review


Earlier this year, Raglans released their self titled debut album. Having supported the likes of The Strypes and The Libertines, the band are finally getting the recognition that they deserve.

The album opener “Digging Holes” is an instant hit and has you singing along to the catchy chorus whilst involuntarily nodding your head and tapping your foot.

"(Lady) Roll Back The Years" is a glimpse into the future of this band. The line “I’m a long way from London and even further now from Dublin” holds great resonance as they are destined to be touring a lot further afield than Dublin.

“Natives” is a brilliant representation of what this band can achieve. It features the charm and playfulness that has garnered Raglans a very loyal fanbase and moderate critical acclaim.

"Not Now” begins sounding like Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Maps and then The Clash’s London Calling but it is still unmistakably a Raglans song with its well polished melodic harmonies and infectious chorus.

Sometimes with Indie Rock, you have to wade through a plethora of shite to find a gem. Well, clean yourself off and wade no more because Raglans is that gem. With more hooks than Peter Pan and Abu Hamza combined, this album is a catchy little bastard and will stay in your head for a long time. The album is quite short at 36 minutes but that just means any of the songs could be singles and are perfect for radio play.

Don’t be surprised if you see these guys headlining arena shows in the not too distant future. It’s easy to imagine these songs being belted out and the catchy choruses being sung straight back by the eager crowds. And if you do, remember that Street Ceol told you first.

Standout Tracks: Digging Holes, Natives & Not Now

By: Dave McMahon


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