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Collie - The Bitter Truth Album Review


Irish rappers have a tendency to come and go without making much of an impact to the Irish hip

hop scene. Collie however, is not one of those. Even with a 7 year gap between his last album

“How Things Change" and his latest release, "The Bitter Truth", Collie has never been forgotten

about and he remains as relevant as ever. Collie is one of the original and best rap artists to

emerge from this country and this new album is proof of that.

“Day One” kicks off the album with Collie reminding everybody as to why he is The True Champ of

Irish rap. His rhymes seem well thought out and are delivered with such laid back effortlessness.

“Lazy Bones” is another song that showcases this laid back delivery, perfectly complimented by

the unmistakable melodic backing vocals of Funzo. The brilliant Funzo appears on three tracks on

the album. The addition of Funzo really helps to add another dimension to these songs

“Shock To The System” is the complete antithesis of the previous track which features a much

faster flow of lyrics and a Prodigy-esque beat.

"The Bassline" is a song destined to be pumped out through soundsytems in clubs across the


The Bitter Truth is Irish rap at its finest. Any album that manages to sneak in an old school

reference from The Simpsons (The ironing is delicious) deserves to be heard. Collie has definitely

grown as a person since his last album. His outlook has not changed but his approach shows a

greater maturity. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 7 years for the next album from Collie.

Standout Tracks: Due In The Ministry, The Bassline & Shock To The System.

By: Dave McMahon


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