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Delorentos - Night Becomes Day Album Review


Dublin based band, Delorentos return with their fourth studio album, Night Becomes Light.

Coming off the back of winning the 2012 Choice Music Prize for their previous album, Little

Sparks, the 4 piece band had a big job to do in order to recreate that kind of success. They have managed it with some of the songs on this album but have ultimately fallen short. To say that this is a bad album would be a lie, its just not at the same level as Little Sparks.

There are a few tracks that just fail to hit the mark. The bland “Too Late” is a perfect example of this.

On the upside, there are some absolute gems on Night Becomes Light. The opening track “Home Again” is a brilliant way to kick of the album. With four talented singer-songwriters in the group, we are treated to harmonies that would make The Everly Brothers jealous.

By far the best song on the album is the stunning “Valley Where The Rivers Run” despite

beginning with what sounds like they have taken a lend of a tune from Joe Cocker’s “With A Little Help From My Friends” which thankfully they don’t sing out of key. The backing vocals are chillingly beautiful and the vocals throughout the song are reminiscent of Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst. This is Delorentos at their best.

A song that deserves a mention is “Everybody Else Gets Wet”. It has a very Manic Street

Preachers vibe but delivers in a way that the Manics have failed recently. "Six Months To The Day" is a story of a lost love played out in a very sombre tone. Its these quieter tracks on the album that Delorentos really shine on and stand taller than the overly pop songs. It is definitely a really good album but just not their best album.

Fans will be treated to a nationwide tour of the album throughout November taking in everywhere from Kilkenny to Shanagarry and ending in Dublin at Vicar Street.

Standout Tracks: Home Again, Valley Where The Rivers Run, Six Months To The Day

By: Dave McMahon


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