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Robbie Coleman is a Dublin based musician/hip hop artist from Clondalkin. At the age of 12, he started to learn how to play the guitar and at the age of fifteen formed a punk band with childhood friend Keith Dean, a drummer. Many line-up changes followed until the band became a four piece known as ‘Safe Destination’ consisting of new members Andrew Duff on vocals and Mikey Doyle on bass.

Safe Destination had relative success, auditioning for RTE television show You’re a star’ and got put through to bootcamp, with the band faltering at this hurdle. In the meantime, Robbie began doing hip hop at the age of 16, joking around with friends Carl French, Denny Redmond and Dean Byrne, overtime, Robbie would start to take rapping more serious and formed a group with Dean and Andrew, bringing an element from each of his musical ventures together to become A.W.O.L.

The group have had many successes with their live act over the last few years to become known as ‘one of the best live hip hop acts in Ireland today’. Flaring from the energy the 3 have together. Robbie, in particular has become known for his adrenaline filled performances on stage.

Robbie has also been a part of the successful Irish Hip Hop collective ‘Boss Level’, created by collaborator and friend Alan Newman, playing at festivals such as K fest and Electric Picnic, resulting in another appearance on RTE, this time on ‘Twotube’.

Robbie also tries his hand at battle rap, with appearences for DFI and Don’t Flop, with quirky and flamboyant performances that have won the crowd over to make him a fan favourite amongst the Irish battle scene.




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