1. How can I feature on Street Ceol TV?


For the chance to feature on Street Ceol TV you have to apply by sending the following information in a private message through our Facebook page here, or via e-mail to StreetCeolTV@gmail.com:


  • Your musical background and related information

  • Links to a selection of your music online if possible

  • Links to all of your social media accounts

  • And anything else that may help you stand out 


Due to the high number of messages we receive from people looking to feature on Street Ceol TV, the more information you can send us supporting your application the better.


2. What are the benefits of featuring on Street Ceol TV?


By featuring on Street Ceol TV you receive the following:


  • A free platform from which to advertise yourself and your music

  • A professionally recorded audio and video product for you to use freely

  • The chance to grow your network by tapping into ours

  • A permanent page on our website dedicated to you and your music like this


3. Whats the catch?


No catch, all you have to do is provide us with the following information to populate you a feature page before we can post your video:


  • A 100-140 word bio detailing you, your music, your past, your future, or whatever you want to say really

  • A professional standard photo, if you don't have one we can arrange taking one (for free)

  • Up to date links of all your social media


4. Where is Street Ceol TV based and where do recording sessions take place?


We are based in Dublin, but we are not limited to Dublin. We record in different locations for each session, usually traveling to your house or other specified location.


Street Ceol TV