Street Ceol is an online music channel dedicated to the Irish music scene and all its hidden glory. In such a tough industry to achieve recognition, we at Street Ceol work to the extent of our resource capabilities to bring the little guys to the forefront, yes....the little guys. With such a rich history and culture of musical talent, Ireland has much to offer aside from the handful of 'hits' relentlessly played over radio airwaves, the only problem being finding it! 


Our mission is to expose the unknowns of the Irish music scene, providing budding musicians with the platform to reach a larger audience through their music, while providing our fans with access to new Irish music and information on the Irish music scene in a reliable, informative, unbiased, and entertaining online community.


What makes us stand out from the rest is that we cater for a multitude of genres at one time. We feel that we can create something special where a fusion of people from different social classes, dress sense, music taste, and sub-cultures come together to form one non-discriminating music community.


Operating from a range of social media websites, we at Street Ceol are constantly working to grow our networks in order to increase the capacity of impact our work can have. With your help, through getting involved, sharing our content, and directing your network to ours, Street Ceol can provide more exposure to those who need it most. To give us your support, and to be a part of the community, just follow each of these links and make all the desired connections.




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